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The Call of Duty Franchise League.

Ok, so I've done so many redo's of this site, that it's not even funny. It's just so difficult to pick a direction, layout and then to keep it up to date. With that said, I think just a general, no pressure type of thing is just what I'm looking to do. Post some stuff here and there without any sort of named commitment is something that I'm actually abe to keep up with.

That brings us hopefully to my, last "first" post, and what better way to start it off than with The Call of Duty Franchise League or CFL.

A brief back story is, a gaming site called routinely runs community leagues and tournaments. One of the current activities is the CFL. Basically, it works pretty much the same way that a pro sports organization does. You have teams and players. The teams stay the same year after year, and most of the players do as well. Every year, some of the players stay on each team and others are then traded or new players implemented. 

This being the first year of the CFL, aside from the draft, there was some very important business to take care of. Some art was in need of being created. With that, SG (SeasonedGamers) held a little submission contest to choose a league logo. Although not chosen, my design was a runner up and was added to the SG CFL Cafe Press Store as a CFL alternate logo. Here was my design:


It was a great pleasure and honor to have been a part of this, although at the time, I did not have the game and didn't sign up to play. In addion to this logo, I have also created a couple of the team logos and banners. Of which, I will be posting in the next few days. To get a preview of them and to check out the CFL store or to learn more about the CFL in general, are the following links.

CFL pages on Seasoned Gamers

CFL Store on Cafe Press